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20-Minute PraiseMoves(TM): Three New Workouts to Fit Your Schedule
My nutrition and fitness programs are custom designed according to ACE & ACSM standards and are guaranteed to help you look and feel your best! There is just no better way to honor your temple...

It's never been easier to lose weight, tone muscles or get answers about Personal Fitness and a Healthy Lifestyle. Best of all for a Limited Time, Biblical Advice and your First 30 Days Workout Program are 100% Free!

When you are ready to honor your Temple for God's glory, I'm ready to help! I invite you to take advantage of a most incredible offer - Your First 30 Days 100% Free! All you need is the courage to send me an email and share your health & fitness goals. I promise you won't regret it.


You can't do it alone! Let me Help You!
Fact: The odds are against you, it is unlikely you will reach or surpass your goals on your own. :(

The Good News is, I Can Help! Plus through the National Motivation Network, all new Ross Fitness clients automatically qualify for one week of free motivation via E-mail, Text Message (SMS) or even by Phone... Free! :)


Home Fitness Programs for Men & Women
My custom fitness programs include the motivational tools you need to maintain a delicious, healthy balanced diet and an efficient heart pumpin' home fitness program.

God commands you to be fit of mind and body, it's my mission to help you reach or surpass your fitness goals. More >>


Success Story of the Month!
There is no better form of inspiration than the genuine expressions of people who took control of their lives and achieved or surpassed their goals. You could be next!

I invite you to Watch a Success Story received by email, and see for yourself how common sense and a little effort can have a BIG impact on your life. It starts with a lot of faith & a little effort...

Take the decisive first step by sending me an email (click here) and get answers to your questions in plain English.

The road to a healthier, more Godly lifestyle can start TODAY!

Get Health & Fitness tips, How to's, Shortcuts and Success Stories from people just like You - My monthly Newsletter is packed with engaging Health & Fitness content sure to help you reach or surpass your goals:

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